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C Programming


The C language has been around for a long time… and it is commonly considered as a low level programming language because it tends to bring your application closer to the computer hardware, requiring you to manage system resources manually and carefully. 

This is what makes C language very unique because no other programming languages have such granularity.  

It is the most desirable programming language for embedded systems,  firmware, drivers, operating systems and database software (at least for now). In your software development career path, It is quite likely that you will come across some of these categories of development. This is why the C language is very important because it is literally every where! 

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I am a registered instructor at with a C programming for beginner course. This is a video-based course that has in total more than 10 hours of contents. This course is ideal for beginner C programmer to grasp the core fundamentals of C programming with real industrial application and usages. Today, I will share this course with you for FREE using the promotional link below to access the course landing page:

About the Author

This is Cary and I have been working with the C language for the last 10 years building and designing many innovative software solutions in the fields of smart metering, security, database, and communication.  

In my career, I have also made several expensive mistakes that cost a lot of money to recover. The C language, particularly, is more prone to errors if you are not familiar enough with its fundamentals.

For this reason, I want to take this opportunity to show you the fundamentals of C programming based on my real industrial experience and such that the same mistakes don’t happen to you.  

Instead of just showing you how certain things work, I will also show you from experience what to do and what not to do in order to help you become a better programmer and avoid deadly and expensive mistakes in your career.