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Import Makefile Project to Eclipse

Once you have Eclipse installed, you can create or import Makefile project for the very first time. If you have not installed Eclipse, you can refer to this page to install. Please note that I mentioned a Makefile project rather than a regular C/C++ project because Makefile is a popular method of building modern C applications on Unix-based platforms and we will be using this method to build the C programs in the subsequent examples.

You can download a sample program here, including a Makefile, 2 source files and 1 header file. If you are not sure about these file types, you can refer to this page to learn more.

1) Select File -> New -> Makefile Project with Existing Code

2) Give your project a name and specify the path to the folder that contains Makefile, source file and header files. Please note that I normally would leave toolchain to none because I prefer building the C program from command line tool make on a terminal instead of within the Eclipse editor. This is just a personal preference. You can select Cygwin GCC if you are on Windows and would like to build the software right on Eclipse. Click Finish when you are ready.

3) Now, you should have a new Makefile project visible on the project explore window to the left. Now, you should have everything setup to follow along our C programming tutorial. Continue to the next section here.

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