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Hello, this is David, one of the authors at I enjoy tinkering with software and have huge curiosity for all things tech, with over 15 years experience in software technology, please allow me to be your go-to guide for navigating this digital universe

Understanding Incremental Data Backup in pg_rman

Previously, we discussed how to perform a simple backup using pg_rman. As pg_rman can back up PostgreSQL at the physical file copy level, it is quite useful for daily database maintenance. Particularly, pg_rman supports incremental backup, which only backs up the changed data. In this blog, I will explain how incremental backup works in pg_rman.… Read More »Understanding Incremental Data Backup in pg_rman

in-memory postgresql database

A simple way to backup PostgreSQL with pg_rman

Introduction PostgreSQL, a powerful open-source relational database, is known for its robustness and extensibility. One critical aspect of database management is ensuring reliable backup and recovery processes. While PostgreSQL provides tools like pg_basebackup and WAL archiving for this purpose, there’s a powerful external tool called pg_rman that takes this process to the next level. In… Read More »A simple way to backup PostgreSQL with pg_rman