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Welcome to, a realm where data becomes your most potent asset. Dive into our tech blog, where we unravel the mysteries of PostgreSQL, the open-source database management system that’s revolutionizing the way we handle data. In conjunction with cybersecurity, networking and even fundamental C programming that formed the innovations that we live by today.

Whether you’re a DBA, a developer, or simply fascinated by the world of databases and technology, we’ve got insights, tips, and tricks that will elevate your data game to the next level.

Popular PostgreSQL Posts

Restore PostgreSQL with pg_rman

We discussed a topic on how to create simple backups using pg_rman. In this blog post, we will demonstrate how to restore PostgreSQL using a backup generated by pg_rman. In continuation of the previou…

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in-memory postgresql database
A simple way to backup PostgreSQL with pg_rman

Introduction PostgreSQL, a powerful open-source relational database, is known for its robustness and extensibility. One critical aspect of database management is ensuring reliable backup and recovery …

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postgresql gdb debugging essentials
Unlock Your Arsenals: GDB Debugging Essentials with PostgreSQL

GDB is a powerful tool for any seasoned C developer. Explore the essentials of GDB debugging with PostgreSQL database as practical examples

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postgresql substring
Explore Practical PostgreSQL Substring Use Cases with Examples

Explore the versatility of PostgreSQL substring function and learn how it can help with your string manipulation tasks.

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postgresql replication
All PostgreSQL Replication Explained – How to Do Them Right.

Dive into the principles of PostgreSQL streaming replication and logical replication. Learn how to set them up properly

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isnull postgresql example
Achieve ISNULL Function in PostgreSQL 16 with Right Examples

Explore the alternatives to achieve ISNULL PostgreSQL example. Learn to create your own ISNULL function in PostgreSQL 16

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Learn C Programming

C is the most desirable programming language for embedded systems,  firmware, drivers, operating systems and database software (like PostgreSQL). In your software development career path, It is quite likely that you will come across some of these categories of development. This is why the C language is very important because it is literally every where! Check out these C programming related posts to sharpen your C skills!

discover strings in c
Working with the Infamous Strings in C Made Easy

working with strings in C is tricky and error prone, Learn how strings are represented in C and use the right utility to handle them properly

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Easy JSON Parsing with libjansson Tutorial in C

libjansson is one of the C libraries to work with JSON files. Learn how to use this library to parse and create JSON data

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libconfig tutorial with examples
Easy Config File Management with libconfig Tutorial in C

Libconfig is a easy to use C library to manage configuration files for C applications. Learn the basics to intermedia use cases with examples

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C Programming Frustration
5 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid in C Programming

Explore 5 simple but deadly mistakes in your C programming journey that you could avoid to save time from tedious debugging efforts

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computer memory dissected
A Deeper Look at Computer Memory

Do you really know about computer memory? As a C programmer, knowing the fundamental of memory is vital to building reliable applications

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static keyword in c
Explore the Role of the Static Keyword in C

the static keyword in C plays a very important role in the scope of a function or variable, learn how to create custom behaviors with static

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External Posts

These are the most popular posts published externally. Mostly on PostgreSQL internals and security topics. Check them out!

ocsp stapling
Modernize PostgreSQL Certificate Revocation List with OCSP Stapling

The Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) serves to real-time validate the status of a certificate, offering a much better alternative to the Certificate Revocation List (CRL). OCSP Stapling, util…

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Postgresql tls security
A Guide to Set up TLS Security in PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is a robust open-source database management system, earning the distinction of DBMS of the Year 2023. Users choose PostgreSQL due to various reasons, such as SQL support, Query Optimization…

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postgresql query processing stages
PostgreSQL Query Processing – A Comprehensive Overview

PostgreSQL performs several stages of processing to turn a query into results in shortest amount of time. Learn the sophisticated internal processing of PostgreSQL as a database developer

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